Monday, August 29, 2005

Interesting weekend and now back to work~!

Oh yea...coming to the end of the month...which means...PAYCHECK time~~~!!! wooohoooo...not expecting a lot though, since I started a week later into the month. But the joy of receiving my own hard earn cash~! Well..considering all the debts to settle, there's nothing left in that pay anyway. BUT's my first OFFICIAL pay! ( The training one doesn't count, that was like 3 months and what I got was still lesser than my full pay ...if i'm given that full amount )

Anyways, interesting weekend. Went to Windmill in SS12 to makan and bid farewell to Mr Zheng...he's off to UK to further his studies. And it was also a gathering of a few of us who havent seen each other since...months. Great to see everyone in good shape. And hearing that one of my friends will be heading South Pole for his research. Interesting eh? He'll get to see penguins for real~! But that will happen next year. Another friend got himself into another industry. The Oil & Gas, he just got his "passport", it's more of a safety course. Gone through simulations of helicopter overturning, crashing into the swimming pool and ....some other emergency situation. Sounded quite interesting I must say.

Then it was Sunday. Shopping day? I din really shop, just bought a pareo with Pei Jet. She's the one with the shopping spree I guess. Was at The Curve....first time~! Nice place. Wanna go there again some other time. The flea market is good too.

So the assignments are out. Heading down south today with my colleague. But might be spending merdeka day there, not sure, but it'll be the first celebrated outstation ...fuuhh...said it as if I actually celebrate it.. :P Well, it's a holiday which I wasnt in Klang Valley...just put it that way. So wanted to join my friends in PD,but work comes first. Now it's just sitting around and waiting for time to go off.. Let's hope I get to come back tomorrow..

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