Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Busssyyyy week ahead

So this is the final week that I'll go through as an unemployed graduate. Frankly, I'm excited bout the job. Although not paying me good enough ( considering all the bills that I am to pay for the coming months ...kinda gets to me I guess ) , but I hope it'll be a good experience. Went for an interview today, not sure which way it went, might think that it was a good one, might be a bad one. Chances to get in there will be slim I guess, since I'm up against all those more experienced people. But in the mean time, will not stop looking.

Anyway, it's convo weekend ahead~! Yeahhh~!! Quite enthusiastic bout it...can't wait to see all of them, and actually hoped that I could stay longer to hang out with my friends. Still considering whether to go down Malacca on Friday. Since a friend of mine decided to send me something ( I'm guessing it's a bouquet ), the delivery will be on Friday and someone would have to be home to take it. Quite sweet of him to send me something before leaving for Japan. So touched by these little gestures sometimes. It's a week of chores and a quick trip to Singapore to have the family picture taken. Getting my car also ~~!!! Can't wait...only down thing bout it was the petrol price increase. Stupid time to have that. Anyway, going to be a tiring week ahead. I better catch some sleep. Woke up way too early today....getting some shut eye.

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