Monday, June 04, 2012

Mid year 2012!

Woohoo ...look at how time flies. Already mid of the year!!! Amazing changes in my life!

#1 : I've been winning consolation prizes for the past 3 MWS (Regardless of what the real thing it's Magical Weight loss Solution for me!) . Ok, re-enrolling to my 4th month to aim higher for that RM1000!
#2: I've lost a total of 12kg! AMAZING AMAZING! Shape up close to 5" off my waistline!
#3: I manage to recover from flu and cough in just one week! Better looking nails and complexion. I have to say this : I LOVE HERBALIFE!
#4: A, A, A !! 3 Aces for my 3 Assignments for my first sem in Intro to Psychology! Done with finals last week. I think if lecturer is lenient, I would actually score an A for this subject! AMAZING!
#5: I got my parents to start on the HERBALIFE journey to change their lives too!
#6: My Jinjang centre is CONFIRMED and ON THE WAY! Target to operate in August.

Next targets to achieve/things to do....

#1: Weight loss continues.. RM1000 awaits. Target to lose 8kg this month! Thus reaching 2nd milestone in June.
#2: Change more lives, improve people's health.
#3: Target to reach Supervisor in June.
#4: Back to exercise regime! Slacked off too much! 3 times a week.
#5: Get in touch back with the cousins ...gosh, haven't seen them forever. Email, FB.
#6: Look for teachers at my new centre. Email, FB. (Set up SSM)
#7: Start preparation work for my business. Cashflow, Revenue Forecast for 3 months.
#8: Re-enrol second semester!
#9: Look for place to stay in Kepong.
#10: Expand network.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Have not been with the blog for a while. The last update was 1 year + ago!

Anyway, 2012 started with many many bangs! It's been an amazing journey since Jan 1st! This year's theme is THE YEAR OF CHANGE. It's never too late to change or to start all over. Just need to have that believe that you can do it!

Few things lined up for the year..and years ahead :D. Furthering my studies this year. Started my BA in Pyschology with WOU. Doing my first semester... 2 assignments down and 1 more assignment and final exam to go. This is going to be a fun fun ride! Learning has always been fun, just that I've never really looked into it that way when I was doing it full time. I wanted to learn more about NLP..and that is a bit disrupted. Will try my best to get back to practice session with them.  Learning about Hypnosis is just mind blowing! :) Need to find time to pick up the course.

Started a relationship in February. We're doing okay. And the best part is he's helping me out with my weight management program. I've just started that for 2 weeks. And it;s a 30kg final target to reach! I'm at 4kg. The first month is a weight loss competition. Aiming for that first prize of RM1000. Hoping I'll get it. Competition ends on the 7th! 2 more weeks to my final weigh in. :) Looking for further opportunities in Herbalife to achieve what I want to do.

Teaching has been amazing!! Started teaching this year. My gosh, my kids are so adorable! I somehow think it was a better session last week. Some of the teaching actually kicked in! Amazing! Feels great! More to come for the coming weeks before start of Jinjang centre. :) I like the part where I manage to keep 2 troubled kids in my class, with them telling their parents that they like me. :P Yea, it'll be challenge to get through to them.

Gosh..3 months down and so much is already happening! Looking forward for more! 2012 is going to be a real blast!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A visit to the home

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite by WS to visit the home of disabled children. It was earlier today and I find the need to immediately blog about it.

I haven't been to a home to visit before. Only see it from outside. And I said I wanna do more for the community and this was the chance!

So WS picked me up from my house, and we picked another friend of hers and we were off to the home after breakfast. When we reached, I too was worried I could not be able to face them. But the feeling as I walked in was just overwhelming. You can see smiles on their faces when they have visitors. That just melts the heart and at the same time, I fought the tears that wanted to fall down. It is heartbreaking to see them being abandoned by their parents to this home. Some of the kids are very lively, kicking around, actively running. We saw another group of people donating things like cooking oil, rice, milk powders. This home houses 76 disabled children with 14 working adults to look after them. We've planned for the next trip there again.

Bless the people that looks after the place and bless the children as they grow up in an environment that is different from others. The guys here can do with more help and support in terms of loving care and monetary and materials.

Can't wait for the next visit.

In case you want donate/visit, you may channel your contributions/love to this place:

Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Klang Selangor
No 4, Lorong Bunga Raya,
Kampung Raja Uda,
42000 Port Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-31654312/03-31654475
Fax: 03-31655616

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 heights!!

I know I've been a bit passive here. It's been months since I last blogged!

Anyway, it's been a good year till now. Hectic, but good. Seems like a year that I feel like I'm "fly"ing. :)

So work's been going on great. Too much of work though...but I'm coping. Already made my trip to Sydney...TWICE! Hehe...short business trips. But then, there is going to be another later on, when we start moving into our project in Perth/Adelaide. Can't wait! Gonna make my way to Brisbane to visit the bunch of buzzer friends too!

Hmm..I kinda missed my deadlines to achieve my targets. Now need to sit and rethink and rework my goals. Lots to look forward to sumore. I should not be too harsh on myself, coz things will eventually work out!

My weekdays are probably a bit too busy trying to figure out how to make things work at the work place actually and weekends just seem to just fly by. It's June! Mid of the year. My numbers are not there. And tick-tock! Time is ticking away....

I need to get back to my visualization exercise. At least get a better picture of how to get things work for me.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Being anti-social has never gotten to me that it can be REALLY annoying chatting using the phone through facebook or any IM apps, when you're out with other people. My apologies to everyone if I did it before. This is something I will change!

Never really realized it till I saw my friend did it. And it's like this stone thrown at you telling you that YOU are this person who does it too! And the whole idea of social networking sites is to meet new people virtually, so the questions come to mind would be...will or can this cyberspace social networking be REAL? How would these people be if the computers/smartphones are taken away from them? Can they really socialize in the real world? Interesting to think about it...

It's so easy to just click on someone and say "hi" and chat continues... Things doesn't seem to be the same in real, now why is that? it boggles me...

Anyway..just needed to say that out. Back to work for me!

Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year 2011

As the curtain draws to year 2010, I guess this is the best time to reflect on the things that has happened throughout the year...

The good: News of addition to the family, a "promotion" at work, a trip to Japan, attended the ASA course, enrolled myself for a 5KM run, started on exercising more regularly, cut down on the drinking, cut down on fast food, got to know a bunch of new friends, got a new phone

The bad: Got out from my relationship, got a whole lot more headache from my "promotion", only went for a trip this year, too many retail therapy sessions

What's in for 2011?

1) Continue with the exercise. My target weight loss is still at 20kg!
2) Change to a new car...Now thinking of Honda City.
3) Go to an overseas trip..thinking bout Australia for now, but exchange rate is kinda high...
4) Complete my 11km run ( in April )
5) Explore a lot more opportunities

So that's my resolution this coming year.
Hope it'll be a good one for you too!
Have a blast!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Turning a new leaf...

It has been the greatest 4 days of my life~
I finally attended the Achievers Self-Actualization course!

Trust me, I was as skeptical as anyone of you out there reading this. If you're wondering what course it is, before going to it, I'd describe it as any other motivational course. If you asked me now, I would STRONGLY suggest to you this course.

I would not elaborate on the content of the course, as this is basically or probably the one and only type of course that will help you the way you never thought before. It helped me, and this will be the beginning of a better life... my first and best investment of a lifetime! :)