Friday, August 19, 2005

I have no life...

Kinda sad, when there's a suggestion to watch a movie, I need to ask back, what's showing? Imagine, there used to be like weekly cinema outing just to catch the latest movies..especially opening night. Friend was teasing that I've only started work like 2 weeks and already felt that, he was working for the past ...about 5 years I guess....and he lost life sooo long dy. Well, guess u really need to be in that situation to feel it.

SO...this is my 2nd week....already Friday. I got back on track with my date and time. Used to be so lost about that..since I was wasting it all away. I finally get call back for 2nd interview. My first 2nd interview experience...and it's with a gwai lou. Just want that experience. Don't think I'm jumping ship just yet. This seems to be a field that can grow in... but will check out what that company has to offer. More security for my parents for sure. Shift job, indoors only. Sounds a lot more boring than this. I'll just go there and see what happens. Only told a couple of my friends bout it, even at work lar...but I hope they dun tell boss la.

Sigh..another super early day in office, almost 830 dy..think i hear footsteps or not.... I'm gonna blog every morning that I'm here early la. Want to get a wireless LAN soon lar. So can online from the lounge area. But no money input just will KIV a lot of stuff. And that should be all for this entry.

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