Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Behold..it's the new year! I've started off the year with a bang!! Seriously, was at The Curve for the countdown yesterday night. Standing right under the fireworks, oh yea, it was indeed a very loud way to kick start the new year. So how did we end up there?Read on...

It was a New Year eve with no plans at the beginning. Half day at work. Supposedly wanted to plan out something with colleagues, which in the end didn't turn out. Had to re-invite myself to a dinner that I thought I couldn't make it for. It was great. Met up with the whole bunch of MMU friends...some even haven't seen them since grad. We had dinner at Damansara Village. Steamboat! Which didn't turn out that bad lar. Drove myself to Pei Jet's to wait for Kah Seng to pick us up. The plan that PJ initially told me was counting down at Velvet, which was switched to Laundry. Well, since I also didn't have anyhting to do, why not? Dinner was filling. Then we went on chatting. Think we were quite loud. There were 18 of us.Quite a crowd for the first time after so long....so after that bout 10, we started our journey there. Jammed with slow moving traffic, we took our chances and went all the way to cineleisure. Found a nice parking, got out the car.It was about 11.15pm then.Walked through the crowded area. Too restless from the jam and decided not to enter any clubs after all. So we just went for baskin robbins and waded our way to open area in front of Cineleisure. Before that, I bumped into an old unimate. Both of us quite surprised to see each other. Hahaha, thot I saw the wrong person, that's why I told him I'm afraid of approaching ppl already, to save myself the embarassment like the last time. :P So after ice-cream, PJ, KS and I were chatting and before you know it, 1U started off their fireworks display. Weird, we just look at our watches and it wasn't even 12~!
probably 1 minute to 12 :P Anyhow, we didn't really literally countdown. We just stood there waiting for the fireworks for The Curve. It was a longer and nicer display. :D Quite impressed...coz the ones in 1U was just normal. I think it's after the fireworks competition, you start to compare them. Anyhow, we were standing at a fantastic spot, where you just need to look up and you can see it. A bit like watching a movie in the first two rows of seat. Thanks to the Avanza parked there la. Nice platform to lean on as you watch. :P I really enjoyed myself, thanks PJ for inviting me to countdown! and thanks KS for driving us there! Since we had this really nice parking spot, right after the fireworks, we got to the car and made our way back. KS went to pump petrol, we were all expecting a petrol price increase, but to our surprise...it;s still RM1.92/litre. Hmmm.... We weren't caught in the jam and the journey back was not too bad. :) Just that had this minor jam in federal that slowed my journey back. Got back home bout 1.45am.

The one thing I hate about any countdown/street party - SPRAY...any type. Be it the ribbons or the snow sprays. Quite irritating and I get this ashmatic-type of reaction everytime I inhaled any of it...hate it when they start spraying although emptied. Don't they know there's gas in it that will irritate the hell of ppl like me? Pls, spread the word....

So..that was how the day started. New Year's day. Started off with a dimsum session and followed up with movie session at Midvalley. Warlords. Thought I'd catch it before they stop screening. Well, KS and I was thinking that all online booking already cannot take dy, so we went to purchase over the counter. So eager to watch it, we took the second row seats! Quite a nice show actually. So it's worth the-not-so-strategic seats la. After that I got back home. Rested, before I headed off to Puchong to meet SC, Zheng, HJ and WJ. You know who you are la. Thanks guys...It will be remembered that we've met at the beginning of the year, also marks the 8th year that I know SC, Zheng and Jau and the 7th year I know WJ. Wow..has been that long eh?? can you believe it?!?! Also today marks the registration of marriage of a good friend of ours: Niam. Don't know if he reads this, but anyway, would send my heartiest congratulations to you. Have never met your wife before but would love to see her, probably when I go visit Penang again. Best wishes, my friend! Even an old friend is already married and I only found out today. Hmmm..I better start getting back in touch with my old friends. Will include that in my resolutions.

So this is a great beginning to the year. I'm looking forward to many many more great things to come. The last few days of year 2007 were memorable and simply fantastic! So with the renewed resolutions and some new ones added, let's look at what I need to achieve this year:

1. Diet. I hope I can meet my original target this coming year. No worries, I can still be available for makan sessions ..so don't forget me! hahha...I'll work out or something after that.. :P
2. Read and read. I need to finish books! :P
3. Another travel plan. Waiting for another AirAsia promotion period to decide on where...or go China with my parents and relatives...still considering.
4. Save $$$. Hahaha...so far, I can't really plan on this. But one thing...I'll cut down on my shopping for shoes la. That will help save a bit..i hope :P Thank goodness I recently bought a pair before last year ended, :P
5. Catch up with old friends. Emails I guess..or make a trip up north? What say you guys in KL? Wanna do some road trip to penang or soemthing?
6. Get organised. I need to re-organised some stuff at home. Still pending on that since last few years. Will make that my resolution so that would make point to achieve it.

So that's all I can think of for now. Happy New Year 2008 again. I hope your new year would be filled with joy with all good things coming your way no matter in your careers, your health and prosperity, or matters of the heart. That's about covers it all. I think the most important is to make sure you live a healthy lifestyle...Alrite, all the best to all and have a great year ahead!

1st Jan - Memorable day, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good time in Sweden, Jian!

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niam said...

Thanks yee leng! haha, no worries, i read ur blog!! sure will introduce u my wife if u happen to come down penang or i go kl. take care ah my fren. wish u have a great 2008.