Friday, July 28, 2006

My 25 mins in the lift

Interesting week I might say. Didn't start off that well, since I got myself stuck in the lift on Tuesday. It was the first ever that I was stuck in the lift ...alone. The silence can be really irritating. So it was a normal Tuesday morning, I got out of my house later a bit, it was about 8.20am....under normal traffic conditions, I should be able to reach office by 9....which I did although there was a slight jam over the highway. Reached office parking lot, a little over was probably 9:05. Still, I got a place in B2( my usual parking level ) with not a bad spot near the lift....surprising. Got to the first lift...everything was okay. Second lift, saw these 3 other girls waiting for the same one. Lift reached 1, all of us went in. 1st girl pressed 3, the next 2 girls stopping at 4. I'm stopping at 6 as usual. 1st girl - got out. 2nd and 3rd girl - got out. When the lift was reaching 6, it suddenly stopped. I was a little shocked, tried pressing the instinct was to ring the yellow bell. I rang it 3 times be4 calling my superior to tell him i was stuck in the lift. It took the security 5 minutes to respond to someone stuck in the lift~!!!! Slow.... the next few instance was just waiting n waiting for rescue. I managed to sms-ed my friends. I was sooo bored. It took them 25 mins for the maintenance guy to come n save me... but I'm thankful for the ppl who actually tried to open the lift door, although I dun really know who. Can't see them thru the small opening between the doors. Fuhh...after 25 mins, got out, and got up to office. Everyone thot I'd start crying or screaming...well...I was calm enough I guess. At some point when I was trapped in, think I felt scared. But I knew someone would be rescuing so it's all okay.

And after that incident, it was work and work and work. I had too much of Excel for this week. All confused by having like 15-20 sheets of Excel running on my laptop at one time. Indeed very new to me. Let's not forget the errors that I made. Sigh...seems like it's always me with the mistakes...or is it me who are the one admitting to all my mistakes first? Not sure what it'll reflect on my boss...but I hope it does not affect the part where he'll fight for my increment. :D

So that's it bout this week. Going off for Mell's bday thingy in Puchong. Getting veryyyyyy boring sitting in the office by myself. Time for another weekend. This weekend should be just Beggar chicken and quiet time at home..with my leftover Excel work~!! Last week shopped too much already. Alritey..will make a move...

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