Thursday, July 20, 2006

Work work work

Been swamped with work recently, started with the new project. My trip to Penang had been postponed to next month. So my Penang friends...will have to wait another month to meet up then. Last weekend was meet-up session with my friends from uni. SC and the rest. Everyone's seems to be fine. The conclusion I get after meeting up with 3 groups of my friends...majority of them ended up in the Telecommunications's not surprising I guess...

Last weekend also was the first time that I went on shopping with the Kura-Kura ppl. Quite interesting also...Laughed like mad. True wat KF said lar, been out too much.. can't tone it down. It's like weekends are something to look forward to already. What's life without this sampat group of ppl lar??!

Changed my hair style last weekend also...nothing much, just shifted my hair parting. My friends thinks it's I'll stick with it.

p/s: voltboy, thanks for reading, I guess my answer to u is I expect my credit card bills to maintain a certain amount...not going so high up. :D

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