Thursday, October 28, 2004

Boredom ruleeessss!!

Oh dear...another work-less day. Thought I'd make an entry into my blogspot. So this is the 7th week. There's another 6 more to go for me. Went for squash last night, interesting to see the pros play..they have really cool strokes, which I don't think I can ever learn up lar. Just go there and simply hit.

I was watching this Chinese drama that has this storyline of the cop who can communicate with his dad 20 years back using the first generation portable phones and they can solve crimes, which so happens to have connections traced 20 years back!( how predictable can it get, eh? :P ) . It reminds me of Frequency, the story where the son can talk to his dad through the old radio. Anyway, if you had a chance to communicate with someone 20 years back, would you attempt to change the future? I think human nature pretty much has the greed element, and mostly would go for the fame and fortune. Wouldn't deny that it had never crossed my mind either...but my answer to the question is no. I think the things that were changed back then might create havoc in the future life and although currently not happy with certain things..I'll pull through. Once you had a good cry out over it, it'll all be well. :)

*yawn... oh no...I'm dozing off already ... sigh...meeting soon...

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Our REALLY brief moment with lecturer

So the scheduled lecturer's visit was an hour ago. It was a "chop-chop" event...she came and talked and asked and went. The whole affair only lasted less than 15 minutes. She didn't even asked us on our logbook! All the stories that I crapped...who's gonna appreciate it in the end?? :P
It was swift...she came in, talked to the supervisor a bit, then came to ask us what we do here, then goes into meeting room with supervisor to talk like less than 5 mins, and she came in again to ask the main 3 questions :
1) Are you all happy?
2) Do you have any complaints?
3) Would you recommend students here for next training session?
And that was all!

Well..that's all for this entry..don't have anything in my mind that I want to write...probably later. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Didn't like the moment I got out of bed today, was a little dizzy. Lack of rest? No idea...and the headache is like coming back to me already. So routine when I get to the office, reached office, on PC, get online and surf. Hopefully I would have some real assignment to work on later. Been surfing on the net for asian recipes till i bump into this site that features the Malaysian wedding photographer. It got me thinking bout weddings and the traditions. So how drifted are we from the traditions already ?

New age, new era. Not much people think bout traditions already. I, being a Chinese myself, am not really in touch with it unless it's like those big celebrations : Chinese New Year, Chap Goh Mei, Ghost Festival. Well, those that everyone; no matter Chinese, Indian, Malay or even a foreigner, would know existed but probably not the details of it.And when it comes to weddings, how many of us actually had witnessed a fully traditional Chinese wedding? The ones that includes going to temple and paying respect to ancestors and with all the joss sticks to pay respect to the gods, the night before wedding with the combing hair thing, the "tong yuen" and the lady who speaks a lot during the tea ceremony and etc etc... Come to think of it, where will these traditions and customs stand in the future? New couples prefer hassle free weddings, even some who do not think the ceremonies are even a necessity.

Don't think I'll dwell some more into this. Personally, I would prefer a traditional Chinese wedding in the future. How traditional,I'm not sure. Probably when the time comes, there will those "traditional-wedding-in-one-go" kinda thing. But that's the future, a time not defined, things might be different at that time. We'll just have to wait and see. Anyway, that's about it for this entry... :)

For those who might be interested to know more bout the "3 letters and 6 etiquettes" or even the modern Chinese wedding, I found this in the internet -->

Monday, October 25, 2004

Evening blog entry

Oh yea...another boring and unproductive day here in the office. Had a terrible headache somewhere in the mid afternoon and couldn't possibly waste more of my time by playing online flash games and something wrong with the online radio streaming. Sounded more like a spoilt jukebox with songs stuck at a part and jumping tracks.

So... when people asked how's work...I'm out of words in my vocab to describe it already. Probably should really get my project going on already... Anyways, should just waste the rest of the 20 mins in the office before I get home. Been doing that the whole day...why not just complete the thing I've started, eh?! :P

Pei Jet's birthday gathering at Sunway

This was the group that I had the Tuesday gathering with. All the happy faces... :D Well this is not the whole gang...some couldn't make it... but let's hope at the next birthday gathering, there would have more people in it.

The three roses among the thorns :P Posted by Hello

Monday blues

You know, once you drag yourself out of bed and prepare for another Monday morning, there's always this stronger force that lures you back to bed...guess most of you are nodding your heads already. Well, it's another day at work. Was assigned with something that I thought wasn't that much an assignment at all, but then, just something to keep us occupy I guess...and I have plenty of time to get that small assignment done, so taking some time off to make a blog entry. :)

So...the past weekend was great, didn't do much of anything. The highlight of the weekend was probably the Saturday night where I met up with my coursemates over dinner in Kuchai Lama. It just makes me wonder what'll happen once all of us graduate in less than a year!! I've not been seeing some of them over the past month and a half, didn't have enough time to chat with everyone. Same thing with the gathering the last Tuesday...and last Saturday...and still missing out on gatherings with my hometown friends. Looking forward to that lar. :)

Hmm..looks like already half the day gone...can't wait for lunch! i think there'll be another entry later in the evening.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Boring day at work!!

The fact that I can submit blogs to the site 2 times a day, just shows how free I am and there's like nothing much to do here. Rainy day today, freezzziinnnggg cold in the office. Mind can't really think straight also. From morning till now, it's just new Chinese MP3s and hey..I'll just put up what I think about them :

Jeff Chang - 4/5
Comments: Definitely a long awaited album, perhaps he had left his fans craving for his songs and this is a good comeback, to me personally. Kinda miss hearing his "girlish" voice :D

Leo Koo - 3/5
Comments: Well, I do like a couple of songs from this album, just that not a fan of the rest. SO, too bad then :P

Ah Du - 3/5
Comments: Very much the Ah Du I've heard for the first time around. Probably a better one i guess.

So that's all I could listen to...can't help it, I had to loop a couple of songs of Jeff. :P

and perhaps can share some recipes that I found on the net :
Today's menu : Cold Spaghetti Noodle Salad


· 250g spaghetti(A) Dressing:
· 4 tbsp mayonnaise
· 1 tbsp fish sauce
· 1/4 tsp salt
· 1/2 tsp sugar or to taste(B) Condiments:
· 75g prawns, parboiled and halved
· 75g chicken breast meat, parboiled and shredded
· 75g canned tuna, flaked
· 1 tbsp chopped spring onion
· 1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves
· 1/2 tbsp chopped red chillies
· 1/2 tbsp chopped cili padiGarnishing:
· Toasted sesame seeds
· Shallot crisps


Cook spaghetti according to packet instructions until al dente. Remove and add 1 tbsp margarine, 1/2 tsp ground black pepper and a dash of sesame oil. Toss well to blend.Put the noodles into a mixing bowl and add in ingredients (A) and (B). Toss well to combine. Dish out and serve with a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds and shallot crisps.

Blogging journey begins

Just came across a few blogging sites and it kinda got me "interested" to get one going on. Not really sure what to base mine on yet, probably it'll revolve around my thoughts and things that are happening around me.

Anyway, I'm back here in this "zoo" which happens to be the place I'm undergoing my training. Nothing much has been happening, we still have frequent visitors from god-knows-where! And I'm still stuck with the same routine job day-by-day. Starting to understand why my brothers always advise me to enjoy the schooling/studying life...'cause once you're in the working world, things are going to be WAY different.

So this is probably what I have for my first blog, probably things might get better? I hope so. :)