Monday, June 04, 2012

Mid year 2012!

Woohoo ...look at how time flies. Already mid of the year!!! Amazing changes in my life!

#1 : I've been winning consolation prizes for the past 3 MWS (Regardless of what the real thing it's Magical Weight loss Solution for me!) . Ok, re-enrolling to my 4th month to aim higher for that RM1000!
#2: I've lost a total of 12kg! AMAZING AMAZING! Shape up close to 5" off my waistline!
#3: I manage to recover from flu and cough in just one week! Better looking nails and complexion. I have to say this : I LOVE HERBALIFE!
#4: A, A, A !! 3 Aces for my 3 Assignments for my first sem in Intro to Psychology! Done with finals last week. I think if lecturer is lenient, I would actually score an A for this subject! AMAZING!
#5: I got my parents to start on the HERBALIFE journey to change their lives too!
#6: My Jinjang centre is CONFIRMED and ON THE WAY! Target to operate in August.

Next targets to achieve/things to do....

#1: Weight loss continues.. RM1000 awaits. Target to lose 8kg this month! Thus reaching 2nd milestone in June.
#2: Change more lives, improve people's health.
#3: Target to reach Supervisor in June.
#4: Back to exercise regime! Slacked off too much! 3 times a week.
#5: Get in touch back with the cousins ...gosh, haven't seen them forever. Email, FB.
#6: Look for teachers at my new centre. Email, FB. (Set up SSM)
#7: Start preparation work for my business. Cashflow, Revenue Forecast for 3 months.
#8: Re-enrol second semester!
#9: Look for place to stay in Kepong.
#10: Expand network.

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