Monday, December 01, 2008

Another year???

It's the 1st of December~! How time really flies. Let's do a brief check on my schedules this month:

1st weekend : Cousin's wedding
2nd weekend: CW & Brian's wedding
3rd weekend: Dinner function
4th weekend: JF & HY's wedding

Oh wow..look at my weekends. So besides work, I'm busy with my all those weddings to attend. Busy month ahead!

And things are also picking up at the forum. We're currently trying to work out a plan for the coming Youth '09 gathering to be held on the 9-11 January. Our idea is to form a group representing the Klang Community Youths to attend this event. SO if you are a youth in Klang, please join can put in ur names through this link:

Well, something interesting about the 3rd weekend dinner function. I'm going to a match-making event~!! Hahah...never in my mind I thought thatI would be part of this kinda function. But then again, i think should be fun. Jacqueline approached me the other day asking whether I was interested, after being persuaded, I was thinking why not? Could be fun. Cost RM150...not cheap of a "why-not?" Nevertheless...will try to enjoy myself. :)

So that's all for a sleepy monday...will post again when there's time ..


bllueapple said...

yay~~ I'm getting more excited than you :p hehe tell me all about it about the dinner function ya (>.<)

YeeLeng said...

hahaha..thanks.. :P

Kuchirat said...

wah..pack nya...dun get burn out...:p

if cant run..power walk lo... :D keep it up!

YeeLeng said...

hahaa...thanks peki.. :P i will walk wan..sure :P