Monday, November 10, 2008

My 26th Birthday

It's that time of the year again..yes, another year older..another year wiser... :) And of course, every birthday celebration would be memorable thanks to family and friends who was there with their birthday greetings and well wishes. A big thank you to everyone!!!! Muaksssss~~~~!!!

This year I had a new bunch of friends celebrating with me...yes, it's my forum friends. Very gamdong indeed. It was a double celebration with another girl, Elaine, whose birthday that was 2 days earlier than mine. Unforgettable night with good companion with good drinking session. Haha..3 bottles of Glenfiddich and not a drop left!! Thanks to the forumers who were there. Dinner was on the 6th and started at 8pm with first dish: Prosperity Noodle.. Very chinesy thingy for ppl celebrating birthdays. Then moved on with other dishes: Pepper soup, Roasted pork, Stewed Yee Mee, Vege, Buttered prawn, Crab~! And fried rice too...a bit tasteless. Had some finger food too..
The night went on with everyone busy mingling..then once done with food, we started on the drinks.. kekkee..which got us all standing and walking about. Then came the cake cutting session. Started off with Elaine's tiramisu cake. After that was mine. Blueberry cheesecake. You can see everyone's happy faces.. Thanks to Alex Tan and Alex Hang for the pics...all of it is nice..yet to get hold of the rest, but you guys take reallly good pics. Just that the ppl inside the pics might not look that nice (that's ME!) only. The cake was GOOOODDDD.. The night ended at about 12 plus.

Next: 7th. First started off with birthday wishes from friends and family through SMS, MSN and Facebook. Afternoon had fishball noodle with my colleagues. By afternoon, there was Mocha cake to cut! Collleagues too paiseh to sing in office (considering all also..erm..old dy :P) So it was a very soft birthday song from them.'s least my leader initiated to get the cake... hahaha. .. so weird :P Siew Theng called from Germany...thank you so much!

At night I spent it with SC, WJ, Jau, Tio, Yong, Yu Jen n Eugene in Zen sunway pyramid. Thank you for the tiramisu cake and dinner... I had sashimi + spider roll.. Wow..excellent! Fish was very fresh that night. Thank you guys for dinner....and thanks for making this another memorable birthday :) 7-8 years of friendship and you guys have been there since the beginning...MUAKS~~

After dinner...took a turn into Greenbox AEON Bkt tinggi...Alex Hang, Mak, Alex Tan, Lena, KK and Elaine was there telling me that birthday girl gets free gift n cake. So went to join them for a round of karaoke session. There was another cake..the special thing was it was DIY cake. So Lena did a great job with the cake..thank you!! And that was the last cake of the day. :) LKC also called all the way from UK...thankssss

8th and 9th...I shall put them together. On the 8th was dinner with NY and ML. Thank you was good food again. We had Korean and after that a small little ice-cream treat at Haagen Daaz... I loved the Seventh Heaven!! Thank you Jacqueline also... Always great meeting up with you gals..
On the 9th, it was lunch with CJ, Stv, Thean and Chiang Wei in Restaurant BT. Chinese food is as good :) After that was a movie session which I fell asleep in the cinema :P too tired la...

And so..that was my birthday this year. There's too long of list of ppl to say thank you to. I'm so grateful that you all remembered it. Really meant a lot to me. and someone requested for me to end my post with a pantun/'s try:

Friendships starts with trust,
Built over time, it will last,
Faced with problems, please do not "frust",
Call me up, and we'll solve it fast!

People come and people go,
Who would last, no one knows,
Friends to me are like gold,
Treasures that I always hold.

Thank you my friends for all the messages,
Very touched and appreciate it dearly,
Hoping you the best in your life passages,
This is what I wish for sincerely.

-@LYL- 101108-


peki said...

wah...macam royalty.... birthday 3 hari 3 malam :P

YeeLeng said...

adui..mana ada? so happen got ppl remember, so celebrate together la :)

weijing said...

What a great few days of celebration you had....:) should cherish your friends more huh..

YeeLeng said...

thanks know u're one of them ;)