Monday, September 18, 2006

Pigging around

Not even sure that word exist~! But I've been sleeping a lot the past weekend. It's like a sleeping weekend..totally. Tried to finish up The Triangle..but I slept off...AGAIN~!!!! Don't really know what's going on.

So besides sleeping the only interesting thing I did over the weekend was attending Fatt's performance with Every Fallen Thursday in S.I.T. Kinda cool..feels like being back in uni. Truthfully, I think his band is kinda cool. I like the music that they play too. I'm surprised. :P Anyway, that show cost us RM10 each. It was entertaining enough. Dances and singing. It's really like those uni activities last time la. Sooo missing it.

Another thing to blog about is Fatt lost his car in SS15!! Poor thing. Lost his guitar too. I think this year is the most dramatic for him lar. He met with accident, had to claim insurance for the damage, then now his car got lost. So ppl...really, dun leave anything valuable in ur cars mann...especially laptops. Thank god he took out his new laptop and brought it with him. Last Friday left my laptop in my car, so worried from the moment I step down from the car till I got home. So the next time also I'll be bringing my laptop down la. Doesn't matter how heavy, I'll drag it along if I have to.

New week, was told to go for outstation tomorrow. So need to prepare for that. And besides that, will just sit and wait for the next thing to happen...*yawn....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Stupid blog...kicked me out when i was done with my post. Totally lost the whole piece that I composed since an hour ago~! KNS~!

Lazy to re-type all lar...just highlight the main things...which was the wedding last weekend. Everyone had a great time. It wasn't a grand thing. Just simple and nice. That's how I want my wedding to be also. It was suppose to be a very sweet event, with the bride and groom exchanging their vows, but the groom...need to make corrections to the previous post la...let's just say he's a better engineer than a romantic guy. :P The bride was beautiful, the car was really nice too. The photographers were good too. I prefer this wedding dinner than the previous wan lar. My colleagues were good. Eating with them was funny from the time the night started. It was fun~! Had a little too much of alcohol on that night too. Din get drunk, but a lot to give me a headache. But after that also joined the Kura-Kura-ians for a game of pool and yumcha session before I really got back about 2 plus. Slept straight after that.

Friday nite got a visit from an old friend all the way from Ampang. CY came to visit and yumcha session in Starbucks till bout 12 plus. He started la...with his stories bout his work and all. It's like you heard it all before...but he's considered lucky to be able to travel around...he's probably off to Laos already now. But he's complaning bout his work already...and I cannot take the bragging part. Maybe he din meant it with the bragging, but it sounded like it when he said it. I wonder if he knows... and I don't really know how to say it to him also. So I just let him talk la.

Ok lar..another working week already. Need to pay my loans too. Think I just got an SMS to remind me of the due date. :p Will get it done during lunch. So that's all...don't want the server to kick me out again.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Almost almost...

Yea..thank God again for brakes mann....Close shave as what Steph said. Almost bang into a Waja coz of the sudden emergency brake of the cars in front...not sure how many. But no accidents happened. THANK GOODNESS. Fully stepped on my brakes.. Sudden adrenaline rush to the head also. Note to self: Keep a reasonable distance with the car in front next time. ( I doubt that kinda note will work, but it's worth a try :P )

Latest news...i got my laptop RAM upgraded. it's running on 1GB of RAM..which is a big improvement to it, but starting up still takes up some time compared to the upgrade from 256MB to 512MB last time. Too much stuff at my start-up, need another round of "housekeeping".

Was at KLCC yesterday for the Telecommunications exhibition. Met up with some old friends..mostly juniors. Even saw my cousin there, but he said he almost could not recognise me. Nothing much that really attracts me there. You get awed with the speed of the latest wireless broadband...1Mbps. Besides that, it's basically exhibition of products/tools. Not much freebies for us too. Only a couple of pens, calendar. Oh ya...took picture with Dayang Nurfaizah, one of the finalist for One in A Million.

Recently got back in touch with Khai Tzer. He will be appearing on TV soon enough. will watch out for that. Not sure he's ok bout me giving him some publicity, but watch out for it. Debuting on the 21st of this month. Will probably meet up with him to yumcha one of these weeks and get more info on that.

So boring today...but I hope no more accidents or near-accidents encounter already lar. *touchwood* Looking forward for the weekends........ :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Wedding dinner receptions

Once mention the word WEDDING, I'm sure each girl that you meet has their own DREAM/FANTASY wedding. I was at one last weekend. A good friend of mine finally got married after 7-year-relationship with his gf. More of a typical Chinese wedding banquet with 9-course dinner and super noisy environment with old relatives speaking loudly in Hokkien. CJ was telling me she wants her wedding to be one dedicated for friends, and the other for family. Hmm...looking at my brothers weddings...things are getting more boring? It'll start off with slide presentation, then food presentation..then makan..then speech, then champagne, then cake cutting ceremony.

There's something new this coming wedding that I'll be attending this weekend. It's my colleague. Romantic guy I assume...coz it's all about first impression. The wedding invitation is something new. Lovely poem written by his future bride-to-be. Custom made. Impressive( also means he already dumped in a whole lum sum for this once in a lifetime thing...which I think is REALLY sweet ). Din take a snap shot of it...but it's just sweet. And the wedding will be the first ever buffet-style wedding that I'll be attending. ( Not that I'd attend a lot before, heyyy...come to think of it, this islike my 2nd wedding invite...I mean...not including those relatives-invite-parents-and-parents-drag-us-along type. ) And I heard a lot bout his plans for his wedding. It's gonna be under a canopy, they are gonna exchange vows in the garden before the dinner reception. Wow..sounds like what you see on tv eh? Looking forward to that. Will be bringing my camera then.

Last week was also Fatt's first gig. I missed that coz mood down. I dun really know what mood I was in. Just in the mood to stay home alone. I heard it was okay, wasn't that bad. I slept at 12. Heard fireworks outside, just wasn't in the mood and also tired and restless at the same time. Weekend also just passed by. After the wedding dinner, went for drinking session at CW's house. Drank quite a lot..din reach drunk stage. I was still very much sane. Fatt was totally drunk and started crapping and screaming. LD, WS and CW also KO. It wasn't that bad session, laughed at Fatt was the best entertainment la. So after that, all went back. The next day went yumcha at Oldtown. Yea, the Omega half boiled eggs was really GOOD~! :P

So after that LONG weekend...(friday din felt like a working day.... ) it's back to work~!