Saturday, July 31, 2010

RF for slimming?

This is cool...all this while, all I knew about RF was for work... today was a good day where I learned that RF is damn effective for slimming and body shaping... And the guys go about and complaint about loosing sperm counts! :p

With the advancement in technology, I think I kinda left out that beauty treatment centers too are technology driven. With RF + Ultrasound treatments for slimming and facials, they have now grown the business and introducing packages with prices that will blow your mind off~! A facial treatment with RF and stuff cost like RM200+ per session. Seriously, gone are the days that facials go for RM5o per session... and ladies will pay more knowing that these new treatments are better than before and gives more effect for a lesser time frame. All the good~

Makes me wonder, there's always the bad for everything, what is it for this? They claim RF is perfectly safe...something like laser to your eyes is also perfectly safe... can't find any side effects, just will need to experience it to know?! If you had done it, please share with me.

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