Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009 recap and 2010 wishes

Oh wow..been ages since I did any blogging since Facebook came along... and it's 2010. Still in January, still safe to wish everyone a Happy New Year~ May this year brings better increments, opportunities and also good luck to those who decides to tie the knot this year!

So what have I been up to? Simple summary would be...work, work and work. Traditionally, I should do some recap thingy...

Alrite...since Sept, I went on a holiday with the kura-kura gang to Krabi in Oct. Nice getaway, sun, sea...not so much on the beach though. 4 days 3 night that went by really quick. Nov, nothing much this year. Quiet year, didn't really celebrate my birthday, was working on my birthday. Had lunch with my colleagues, ended up in Zouk with my colleagues..and bump into another colleague! :P Then there was the routine standing up on the chair..this year i didn't fail to sing Twinkle Twinkle again! :P Then there were some dinners with friends too.. Oh ya..my baby niece, Jia Xuan, arrived, not sure I mentioned. Went down to Sg for her full moon. Baby Ahslynn is now all grown up! She's like 4 this year and she talks a lot. Baby Weng Kei is also getting very talkative at the age of 4. Weng Yan is currently in Primary 1. OMG~~Where did time fly...I didn't even see them crawl..and now they are all running around!!!! (which makes photoshoot a bit difficult)

Dec..was a month of weddings...Siew Theng and Cheng Khoon to start off the month. Oh ya...KF got married too on 27th Nov. All vegetarian dinner in KEC. ST & CK's was in Penang. Lovely wedding for the lovely couple. Did the ji mui thingy too...had a great time. Thanks ST & CK for the hospitality~! Lots of people got married.. Niam ( didn't get to attend ) too. 26th was YinHau's. Went all the way to Pahang for his luncheon. One happy man...frankly, one of the few "underdogs" to get married first :P But am happy for him! :)

Seems to be all good throughout the end of the year of 2009. Just some minor issues here and there. Overall...2009 was a learning year. I learn to take up some responsibilites, I learn to prioritize,I learn some lessons on the business...ok la..most the learning was at work. Socially...hmm..I've made some new friends. Potentials to marry off with? Nehh...still long way for that to happen. So what to look forward in 2010?

2010 would be a year of more tests...I need to make sure that I can endure till the end. Lots of new task at hand, new KPIs to meet that's work wise. Others..I guess it will be the usual catching up during weddings and gatherings. I foresee more wedding invitations coming in this year, despite the whole hoo-haa bout getting married during the Tiger year.

So...that's all I have to say...erm..type for now.

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