Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY CNY..Celebrations of spring~

Hullo~~ Happy CNY to everyone!

Been a tiring CNY since day 1. Now that it's day 3, everything is settling down and the relatives visiting will also come to a halt ... considering my bro is returning tmr, and none of them are that interested to visit me here when my mommy n daddy is not around, so, it's finally time for FRIENDS and probably some..erm...money-making activities!

Not too bad of a celebration this year...kinda hectic with the whole visiting schedule, I might give Sg a miss this year too. It's going to be dinner on the 18th, 19th and visiting on the 19th, 20th, and 21st. So, pretty packed up schedule too~

Happy also la..this year I didn;t get any questions that's related to marriage ... :P Well, there was one who was asking me bout being attached. My dad was making some comments this year. First was asking me to find one and not being too picky...Next was him suggesting that I have my wedding dinner at one particular restaurant that we had dimsum in. My mom was...SURPRISINGLY saying that it's not that big deal that I'm still single, hmmm...totally didn't expect that. Haha, guess she has given up on the whole idea that I would be married off after the long wait. :P

Can't wait for reunions and birthday meet-ups. Kura2 is at least turning...2 or 3..or 5. Lost track of time. So, enjoy the rest of the holidays! To those who needs to start work tmr, have a pleasant week ahead!

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