Monday, May 18, 2009

Learning to adapt

Life is indeed a learning curve. You live, you learn. Yea. So getting a bit used to this new found position. Let's you feel how it's like being in the position of power also how it sucks when things go bad and all fingers point to you. I'm going through all of it the same time.Yes, it sucks when things don't go the way I want it. Sigh..

So life's been pretty much about work. I hate that I'm so slow to pick up things. My 3 month deadline is here. So where do I stand? I'll know when it comes to the end of the month. Need to buck up and fix some problems. Sigh, I should stop saying I hate it and move towards making things better.

Anyway, I'm getting another niece~ Definitely something to shout about. I can imagine them growing up together and having fun, having fights, sharing gossips, shopping.. something I never had when I was growing up...oh well, happy news is always welcome to cover the gloom... let's hope for a better tomorrow.


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